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About the IOHL

The IOHL is a structured Six vs. Six Hockey League based upon the EA Sports NHL series.  We currently run 24 Teams with 16 NHL and 8 AHL Teams.  We play 10 games per week, Sunday thru Thursday at 10:30 & 11:15pm (eastern time).

We have seen a significant amount of growth since we began and have quickly become the premier, late-night, Six's League !

Players are expected to be available to play a minimum of 3 Games per week and may not play more than 6 Games per week.  The League Rules should be reviewed and followed at all times during IOHL events.  The Rules can be found in the Main Menu.

Open enrollment is still being accepted into the AHL and the Sign-up Form can be found under the "Members" tab.  Membership will be limited once we reach our maximum goal of 30 Teams, so sign up now.  Once membership is closed new prospective members will be on a time-stamped waiting list and as we have openings we will accept the oldest applications in order.

If you have any questions about the IOHL, please post them in the Chat and a league Veteran will likely answer.  If you do not receive an answer, contact a League Staff member and we will reply as soon as we can.

We welcome our new players and look forward to seeing you on the ice !

IOHL League Staff

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